About Us


 A professional looking project that meets and exceeds all expectations. 


Whether in the office or in the field, our leaders keep the projects moving forward, overcoming any obstacles. 


Engineers, Inspectors, and Residents are informed and kept up to date on all facets of the project from beginning to end. 


Copp Contracting, Inc. has been in business for over 38 years and has a 100% on time completion history!  We have earned the respect of Engineers and Agencies across Southern California. 

The Future

 The future has always been uncertain.   We have to rely on our knowledge, experience, and wisdom to succeed .  The current economic crisis is the worst we have seen in over 30 years of doing business; however, there are always solutions.  We have to be more resourceful and open to new, more economical solutions for our rehabilitation projects.Years ago as funds were minimized, agencies were looking for new ideas.  The Mill and Overlay solved a lot of problems and was less expensive than full reconstruction.  Today this is a standard practice in rehabilitation projects across Southern California. Copp Contracting  presents a process that is 40 to 50 percent less expensive than a Mill and Overlay. The process is a Cape Seal. Properly applied, a Cape Seal can replace a Mill and Overlay 90% of the time. Please take a careful look at this website to learn about the different money saving techniques available.