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Chip Seal has been used for rehabilitating streets, parking lots, and highways for over 30 years. It can sustain both freezing and scorching climates, making it an ideal treatment. Chip seal is a surface application that has improved the quality of streets at a forty to fifty percent savings. The lifespan of a chip seal is about seven to eight years, with reports in Arizona lasting over eleven years.

A chip seal is composed of two key essentials;  The binder and the aggregate.  There are various types of binders and four (4) different sizes of aggregate.  The aggregate is available in different colors. 

It is the binder that determines the type of chip seal and depending on what it is overlaid with will typically determine the category. Copp Contracting works with Terminal Blend and Conventional. There are a total of five (5) different Chip Seal categories with slight but significant variations.  Please click on each link below to learn more about these amazing products.

Chip Seal Category Links

1. Cape Seal  
2. Chip Seal
3. Double Chip Seal
4. Interlayer
5. Earth Tone Chip Seal

Remember except for the Earth Tone Chip Seal these categories can be either Terminal Blend or Conventional.  Earth Tone has to be Conventional.